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Toothache During Pregnancy : Home Remedies

Toothache During Pregnancy

Toothache during pregnancy is exceptionally frustrating for potential mommies. It puts additional tension on the body, which is currently stressed as a result of pregnancy. It is often triggered due to a rise in the hormone levels in the body during pregnancy, which have the tendency to make the teeth and gum tissues susceptible to bacterial infection. Pregnancy gingivitis, or swelling of the gum tissues, and also periodontal gum illness are some of the most common dental problems faced by expecting ladies. If these problems are left unattended, there is the potential for sores to cultivate on the gums. As a result, you can get inflamed and bleeding gum tissue, which will make basic activities like eating or talking excruciating. If these troubles are ignored, it could bring about several problems, like miscarriages, preterm labor, or low birth weight of the newborn. All the chances of these are low, we need to be especially careful when it comes to our upcoming bundle of joy.

Toothache During Pregnancy

If you are suffering from tooth pain, do not hesitate to schedule a consultation with your dental practitioner. Additionally, when you visit your dental professional, it is essential to inform him or her that you are expecting. The dental professional may be able to offer you pain reliever to ease the discomfort. He or she may also suggest some prescription antibiotics, like penicillin, to deal with the infection, if that is the cause of your pain. Normally oral work is delayed until after the baby’s delivery. In the instance the infection is extreme, like a deep cavity, some oral work may be done.

The source of the pain is typically identified with the assistance of x-rays. The major problem for expectant females for oral work are the results of the x-ray and anesthesia on the expected child. However, you need not fret about it as the dental practitioner will certainly take appropriate care to ensure the safety of your unborn child. He or she will offer you a special kind of apron that can protect the child from the harmful impacts of the x-ray radiation. Additionally, the dose of anesthetic is maintained to a minimum to make certain the well-being of the coming youngster is protected.

Home Remedies of Toothache During Pregnancy

There are a number of natural home remedies that could successfully provide relief from your discomfort with no negative effects. Following home therapies should be utilized just till you get a consultation from your dental professional:

Cloves to ease tooth pain during pregnancy


This is an outstanding natural remedy for a toothache and it serves as an efficient pain reliever. Bite down on one or two cloves in between the teeth and let the juices drain in the mouth. Maintain the cloves near the uncomfortable tooth. Within an hour, you will discover that the discomfort has actually been reduced a significant amount. Clove oil can likewise be used for this objective. Soak a cotton ball in the oil and also position it over your tooth. As the oil spreads, it will certainly have a relieving effect on the toothache.

Salt Water used for toothache remedy

Saline or Salt Water:

To prepare this solution, dissolve about one teaspoon of salt right into a cup of warm water. Take some of the mixture in your mouth and swish it around for about 30 secs prior to spitting it out. Salt is a little antibacterial and can eliminate the bacteria present in the mouth, hence decreasing the discomfort as well as swelling momentarily.

Hot and Cold Pack to help with tooth discomfort

Hot and Cold Packs:

Application of cold and hot packs on the affected tooth can also be useful. Cold packs have a numbing result on the inflamed tooth, while the heat can facilitate the draining of any abscess formed.

Easing Tooth Pain During Pregnancy

The above solutions could assist you to at the very least reduce the pain, and possibly cure the problem all together. Nonetheless, although you currently recognize just what you can take for a toothache during pregnancy, it is not recommended to continue with self treatment for a long time.

Consulting a dental expert as quickly as possible is the recommended course of action. Likewise, you need to take special care to prevent infection of the gum tissues and teeth when you are pregnant. Make sure to use a fluoride toothpaste to brush your teeth with and floss a minimum of daily. Include lots of calcium, vitamin C, and also vitamin B12 in your diet, as these benefit oral health and wellness. Avoid foods that have sugary material, as they enhance the plaque and tartar build-up on the teeth.

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